An Uncommon Ground

Opening: Saturday 13 October 2007 from 4 - 6pm, please join us!

Exhibition: 10 to 27 October 2007

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Alder Security

The Australian landscape has long been a source of inspiration. Its scale and unique qualities have always demanded from artists a response beyond the obvious. Some say Lake Mungo National Park demands more than anywhere else.

Ian Bettinson has been taking groups to Lake Mungo National Park in south-western NSW for several years, mainly in his role as a teacher with the Australian National University. In October 2006, Ian accompanied eight local artists, on a trip to Mungo. They travelled to Lake Mungo in two's and three's, some by car, others by air. One of these artists was Darren Gannon.  No matter what he encountered on the way, country pubs packed after a district race meeting, tyres shred to ribbons by exuberant dirt road driving or the overwhelming aerial perspective of a shaky flight, when he arrived at Mungo National Park it didn't take him long to feel right at home.

Darren spent two weeks living and working together with the other artists, in awe of his surrounds and the whole experience. For all of them it was a first visit to Mungo, for some it changed the way they work. For Gannon it changed his life. In this exhibition it is remarkable to note the impact and change that has been brought about to his practice via this relatively quick visit to such a powerful place. An Uncommon Ground, is Gannon's second solo exhibition at the gallery.

September 2007



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